Yakima Police Bust In On Drug Ring

Yakima Police Bust In On Drug Ring
YAKIMA -- It's a major bust in town.

"This is evidence of our gangs, local gangs transitioning from your neighborhood street gang thug, that you're most familiar with, to organized criminal activity," Yakima Police Chief, Sam Granato, said.

It's the first alleged organized crime ring uncovered by YPD and several other agencies.

"This will be the first case in Yakima that has been tried, and he's being charged with leading an organized crime ring," Granato added.

Police say a tip lead them to a house on North 3rd Street.

They found, more than 300 pounds of marijuana, $100,000 in cash, several cars, and the accused ring leader, Juan "Chunta" Ramirez.

Along with nearly a dozen other suspects, some even minors.

"Yakima police department has teamed up with federal agencies and will be going after other criminal rings such as this, where gang members are involved," Granato explained.

And it's only the beginning.

The Police Chief promises to continue working with other agencies to uncover drug rings.

Jessie Summers from ATF said, "This wouldn't be here right now, if it wasn't for all of us working together as a team."

The suspects involved face a total of more than two dozen felony charges including, leading organized crime, having marijuana and using minors to sell them.

Police say the youngest suspect caught is just 16.

YPD explained all the drugs will be destroyed and they've requested to have the money and the cars taken turned over to them.