Last Farmer's Market of 2012 draws big crowd

Last Farmer's Market of 2012 draws big crowd »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Rain or shine, it didn't stop hundreds of people from flocking to the last day of the Yakima Farmers Market. This year, you had more vendors to choose from than ever before.

Farmer's market Manager Don Eastridge says the market continues to grow each year. This year, more than 40 new vendors set up shop on 3rd street. Another block was opened this summer just to fit them all.

"This is one way where we can say, 'hey, we are a community,'"said visitor Robert Faultershack. "We are here to support local infrastructure of goods and services."

Vendors report good sales in 2012, however the final numbers won't be calculated for about a month.

Isela Bautista has brought her produce to the Yakima Farmer's Market for 12 years. She says it's more than a job.

"The Farmer's Market for me is not just a business," said Isela. "It's being with the community."