Sunnyside parents demand action: 'This goes beyond obscene'

Sunnyside parents demand action: 'This goes beyond obscene' »Play Video
Sunnyside High School teachers Sacha Mike and Maria Preston.

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Action News learned the Sunnyside teachers under investigation for giving inappropriate materials to students are Maria Preston and Sacha Mike.

Parents say the teachers gave students pornographic poems and told them to memorize and recite the explicit material in class.

Some call it art. Others call it pornography. There's widespread agreement the poems said to have been given to Sunnyside High School students were inappropriate.
"It's not just one bad part. It's all throughout."
The mother who came forward wanted to remain anonymous, so we'll call her "Nancy." She spoke exclusively to Action News. Nancy says her son came home from Sunnyside High School a couple weeks ago, asking for help.
"It was total shock," she said. "I didn't know what I was feeling except 'what the heck was she thinking?'"
Nancy's son says each student in Maria Preston's and Ms. Sacha Mike's classes received a different poem.

There are now seven in question. All are so sexually explicit we chose not to include those details in this story.
"She's got that poor of judgment on something this obvious. What is she going to do next?"
The Sunnyside School District put both Preston and Mike on paid leave.

The district had no comment despite repeated attempts for a response. However, Superintendent Rick Cole told the Sunnyside Daily Sun,"It's over the line and needs to be investigated."
Nancy: "I don't know what would be fireable if not giving out pornography to students and trying to humiliate them."
Reporter: So you consider this porn?
Nancy: "Yes, absolutely."
School district policy requires administrators to approve anything that could be deemed controversial. But that leaves teachers to determine what is controversial.
"There is no way, no way anyone who read these would think they are appropriate. No way."
Action News found a class syllabus used by Sacha Mike. She lists poems used in the classroom, but the seven in question aren't on the list. She also talks about speaking appropriately under classroom policies.
But Nancy maintains her son's assignment was the opposite of appropriate.
Nancy: "This goes beyond obscene."
Reporter: "Do you think she should be fired?"
Nancy: "Yeah I do."
That decision is still up to the district.

To get all sides, Action News wanted to hear from the teachers. Our reporter called Sacha Mike for three days and did not heard back.

KIMA was unable to find a phone number for Maria Preston.

The teachers union has no comment and hadn't heard anything about the case until we brought it to them.