Neighbor on Ike parking problem: 'I'm glad the city is acting on this'

Neighbor on Ike parking problem: 'I'm glad the city is acting on this' »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Congested parking around the Eisenhower High School construction work has resurfaced. Action News first told you about it weeks ago and Yakima cracked down on the blocked driveways and mailboxes.

Judy Pozarich lives on Bell Road near the Eisenhower High School construction project. She regularly tracks down workers whose cars block her from getting in and out of her driveway.

"Usually they're good," Pozarich said. "I have a couple nasty notes in the mailboxes."

Judy said dozens of cars begin parking on her block around sunrise everyday.

"Sometimes they're parked so close to the edge of the driveway that it's hard to back up," Pozarich said. "I'm afraid I'm gonna hit somebody's car. The students that are walking by are in the middle of the road."

KIMA first told you about this problem a few weeks ago when cars were parked illegally on 44th Avenue. Action News was there when the city started towing cars. Neighbors thought their problem was solved. It turns out the problme just moved to Judy's street.

Yakima Codes Manager Joe Caruso tells me he personally warned Graham Construction three times about the problem.

"The time has come for the contractor to supply parking to their contractors and not to take over the neighborhoods anymore," Caruso said.

He said the Yakima School District and Graham Construction are in the process of parking the cars in a better spot.

Officials said the construction company will have a temporary parking permit for its employees just off Nob Hill and 38th Ave.

Caruso said Yakima learned from this and make sure parking issues are addressed before the Davis High School project starts. The city could establish parking rules for all major construction projects in the future.

"I'm glad the city is acting on this," Pozarich said.

She hopes it means a clear driveway from now on.

To get all sides Action News contacted both the Yakima School District and Graham Construction. The contractor told us the project manager wasn't available to talk today.

The school district did not return our calls or e-mail.