Two men help deliver baby at gas station

Two men help deliver baby at gas station

WELCHES, Ore. -- Two men pulled into a gas station along Hwy. 26 and moments later, they found themselves delivering a baby.

It happened at a Chevron gas station in Welches.

Will Sweet and Sean Means said a woman ran by yelling that her daughter was about to give birth and that someone needed to call 911.

Means and Sweet went to the van where the woman's daughter was and quickly realized an ambulance may not arrive in time. But things weren't as bad as they seemed to be because it turned out that both Sweet and Means are medical technicians.

"The woman was outside of the van standing and her water was broken," Sweet said. "The water was pouring down to her feet so we walked her to the bathroom and laid her down in the bathroom."

Means realized just how quickly things were going to happen.

"She grabbed my arm and said, "I am going to have this baby now,'" he said.

Minutes later, Esmerelda Bernejo had her baby.

"The only thing I hear is, 'What's your name?,' Bernejo said. "He said 'Esmerelda -- push, push because I see the baby outside,'" she said.

And that's how Jennifer Bernejo came into the world.