Yakima police: 68-year-old woman shot while lying in bed

Yakima police: 68-year-old woman shot while lying in bed

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A grandmother is recovering after she was shot in her own bed on North 9th Street.

The Yakima woman was the target of a drive-by shooting likely intended for a gang member who lived in the house before her.

The 68-year old woman was shot in the leg while sleeping in her bed.

"My mom heard the shootings that's what woke her up and then she went into my room and told me there were a lot of police officers," said neighbor Lily Martinez.

Yakima Police said a car drove by this home on North 9th Street shortly before 7 in the morning.

Someone fired three shots into the back of the home. One hit the grandmother.

Neighbors can't believe it.

"We've never had any problems with them," said a woman who didn't want to be identified. "They come and go to work."

Police think this is a terrible case of mistaken identity. They believe this is the work of gang members who believed a gang family lived in the home.

Officers said those people moved out and the grandmother became the unintentional target instead.

This is the second time this year that an innocent person was shot inside their home here in Yakima.

Two months ago a woman was shot in the back while sleeping in bed with her baby. It was a drive-by on 6th Avenue south of Nob Hill Blvd. The shooter was never found.

"It's really sad that you have to worry in your own home about somebody coming by and shooting," she said.

Police said the grandmother should make a full recovery.

Several shell casings were found in the alley. Cops will use them to locate the shooter.