'You just never know where a stray bullet is going to come from'

'You just never know where a stray bullet is going to come from' »Play Video
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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Police are no closer to finding a killer who opened fire on a family here in Yakima early Tuesday morning.

A 43-year-old man died on his front porch along Cherry Avenue. His two children were shot as well.

Neighbors say the sound of gunshots is nothing new to the community.

Police think the suspect may have run and hid inside of a home just a few blocks away. But police came up empty-handed after a standoff that lasted several hours. Nobody was inside the home.

It's why neighbors are locking up and neighborhood kids are staying close.

"I worry," said Divina Sanchez who lives nearby. "I always pray in the night that my family is not dead or anything."

Divina Sanchez's family is safe, but just down the street the Silva family is heartbroken.

43-year-old David Silva was shot in the head and killed. His 23-year-old son was hit in the arm And his 19-year-old daughter shot in the face. Both of them survived.

Their home, sandwiched between a playground and a daycare, still sits on what neighbors call a dangerous street.

"Nobody wants to come outside after dark," said Cynthia Delomas who lives on Cherry Ave. "They keep their doors shut. Won't even take garbage out. It's bad!"

She lives in fear for herself, her neighbors and her family.

"I don't want to get that phone call that one of my grandkids is dead," Delomas said. "Ya know? Because someone thought he was in a gang or he was wearing the wrong colors."

David Silva was not in a gang but rather an innocent victim caught in the crossfire.

It's now up to police to find his killer.

"You just never know where a stray bullet is going to come from," Delomas said.

Police say 19-year-old woman who was shot has some connections to gangs.

Investigators are looking for a person of interest to question, but no arrests have been made in the case.