Former Selah City Supervisor officially hired in Sunnyside

Former Selah City Supervisor officially hired in Sunnyside »Play Video

SUNNYSIDE, Wash.  --  Former Selah City Supervisor Frank Sweet was officially hired Monday night as Sunnyside's Interim City Manager.

Sweet was tapped for the position after current City Manager Mark Gervasi submitted his resignation, however there were mixed feelings about his appointment.

A few city councilmembers said the city had moved too fast and did not put Sweet through the same hiring process that any other city employee is submitted to.

Members of the community also spoke out in favor of keeping Gervasi as city manager until April, when he will be off the job.

Currently, Gervasi will stick around to help Sweet transition into the job, but concerns of who will make final decisions as city manager during this time were also called into question.

Sweet was the former city supervisor for Selah for 21-years.

"Knowing things, knowing how things work is definitely a benefit. There's just a lot more going on here so it'll be an interesting education," says Sunnyside Interim City Manager Frank Sweet.

He reached a severance agreement with the city after newly elected Mayor John Gawlik felt the two couldn't work together and wanted to get rid of Sweet.

Sweet told KIMA at the council meeting he's excited to be moving forward with the interim position in Sunnyside.

He wouldn't comment on his departure from the city of Selah.