$1.4 million Kittitas County renovation project suddenly shuts down

$1.4 million Kittitas County renovation project suddenly shuts down
Ellensburg, WASH. -- A gate sealed tight surrounds the building halfway through a $1.4 million dollar remodeling project. It's future is now uncertain.

"It'd be nice to get some use out of the building," Chad Ledlum said.

The Spokane-based construction company, Skyline Contractors, walked off the job days ago, citing safety concerns. It says the roof of the former Ellensburg Armory has rotted wood and other problems.

Kittitas County commissioners say an inspection of the building before work began in January showed no issues.

Walking around, you can basically tell just how quickly the project came to a halt. Paths look like they were stopped half way through being prepped for pavement. And nearby, workers tools still lay on the ground.

County Commissioners voted to get rid of the contractor after he expressed his concerns.Commissioner Paul Jewell says they don't know how much they owe for the work completed. But, he says the county will lose money. He tells KIMA:

"The idea was to have the building up and running for the fair this year, obviously at this time it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Obviously we're disappointed. We want a quality project."

Jewell said the county hired Labor and Industries and other contractors to re-inspect the building. If it's safe, the county plans to get new bids and complete the project.

I tried several times to speak with Skyline's owner several times, but my messages weren't returned.

Meanwhile, neighbors like Chad Ledlum stare at the vacant building.

"I think that's really unfortunate I mean it would be a great commodity to have that building up and running and being used instead of just sitting there, it's kind of an eyesore right now," Chad said.