Free leaf bags for Yakima

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YAKIMA -- If you spent part of your weekend raking leaves, you now have a way to get Yakima to pick them up again this year.

The city is once again giving out free bio-degradable leaf bags. You can pick them up at public works on weekdays from ten to two. They have about 40,000 to give away, but each home is limited to 20 bags.
Some say that's not enough.

"We do what we can,” said Jim Leonard. “We can't burn. They won't let us burn so we have to do this and we are but we need to have the city give us enough to take care of the program they put in place.”

Yakima says it limits the number it hands out so that everyone has a chance to take advantage of the program. Keep in mind, Yakima will not pick up any other type of leaf bag.