New Yakima Waste Contract To Clear Out Landfill

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YAKIMA - Natural Selection Farms in Sunnyside is now taking yard waste from the Terrace Heights landfill to be processed into compost.

It's a new deal made by Yakima County that will help keep your garbage costs down, while clearing out the landfill by recycling yard waste into compost.

The farm also has a contract at Cheyne landfill to process septic bio-solids at the landfill.

This means applying the waste to the land at the landfill, providing a nutrient base to grow camelina there on site.

Camelina is a plant that is used to make bio-diesel.

Today a truck dumped its first load of yard debris at the farm.

The new deal is expected to extend the life of the terrace heights landfill by a couple years and keep garbage costs down.

But Natural Selection Farms says it's all about reducing our carbon footprint and recycling.

"The community is embracing the idea of recycling and renewing nutrients in the soil, creating sustainability and the opportunity to build our soils and create more jobs and build a better economy," said Natural Selection Farms owner Ted Durfey.

Compost created from the yard debris will be used at local farms.

The county says the change is in compliance with the Department of Ecology.