Pear Picking For Yakima Poor

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YAKIMA -- KIMA is continuing to cover the shortage of fruit pickers across the Yakima Valley. We told you how growers are bracing for a lot of fruit to rot on trees because of the lack of pickers. Now local students are taking on the job for a good cause.

Students from La Salle High School picked pears for Northwest Harvest. The food bank's need has gone up by nearly 30% this year. The fruit picked today would otherwise have been left to rot on the trees.

"It brings joy,” said Julia Hwang. “Even though it's really cold I just can't wait to see the reaction of the people who get it. Even though we might not meet the people just hearing about the reaction…it's just priceless."

La Salle has been out at the orchard for most of the week. They hope to collect up to 30 bins for Northwest Harvest.