"People say it's been five months...but to me it just seems like yesterday"

"People say it's been five months...but to me it just seems like yesterday" »Play Video
SUNNYSIDE -- Veronica Ayala's murder was the only one in Sunnyside last year - her death's part of a crime stat report that just came out for the lower valley city - but Ayala's mother won't let her daughter's death just be another number, especially with her killer still on the loose.

"To me it just seemed like it was yesterday," Diane Cantu said. "I have no answers, I mean obviously she's not here to ask, and he hasn't been caught to explain why he did it."

Police say the killer is Veronica's brother-in-law, Eric Flores.

Veronica's six kids heard the gunshot in the dead of night, and found their mother on the couch shot once in the head.

"No words can explain how I feel, people say it's been five months, they kind of moved on," said Cantu. "But to me it just seems like yesterday and it's always going to be that way, she was my baby."

Cantu still passes out fliers in Sunnyside where her daughter lived. The U.S. Marshals joined in the search for Flores, who they believe still may be in the area.

Cantu said her daughter told her she was planning to go back to school - and get a bigger apartment - right before she died. Ayala was just 26.

If you've seen Flores, please call police. Cantu believes people have seen him, but are too afraid to make that call.

"He has to pay for what he did," Cantu said. "I'm not going to give up."