Second Person To Be Charged With West Valley Triple Murder

Second Person To Be Charged With West Valley Triple Murder
YAKIMA COUNTY -- She promised prosecutors she would spill the beans about the West Valley triple murder and the prime suspect, Kevin Harper. Tracy Culton even confessed to planning the burglary and being in the home the night three members of the Goggin's family were beaten to death.

Apparently she's now changed her mind. So too has the Yakima County Prosecutor. Instead of a simple burglary charge, the 35 year old mother of two will face a Superior Court judge Wednesday for her arraignment on murder charges.

Until her arrest in June, investigators thought Kevin Harper acted alone when, in what was suspected to be an effort to score money for drugs, Harper beat Bill, Pauline and Bette Goggin to death, then burglarized their home.

According to Culton's probable cause statement she told investigators she too took part in the crime to support a drug habit. In fact, it was Culton who walked into the sheriff's office to confess her involvement.

Investigators say Culton volunteered the information after an email to another inmate at the woman's prison in Washington State was intercepted. In that email, Culton admitted her involvement in the triple murder.

Prior to her arrest police took in Kevin Harper's wife, Crystal West. She's charged with destroying several items taken from the Goggin's home.

A month before that, Tennance Buckingham was charged with lying to investigators about the deaths and his relationship with Harper. Deputies say he also had stolen items from the Goggin's home.