Prosser Winery Goes Green with Reusable Bottles

Prosser Winery Goes Green with Reusable Bottles
PROSSER -- KEPR Action News discovered local wineries are finding new ways to go green, and it could mean more wine coming your way.

Daven Lore wineries is the only winery in Washington that uses reusable wine bottles.

If you buy a bottle for $20, and then bring it back empty, you get another full bottle for half the price.

The owner of the winery, Gordon Taylor, got the idea overseas.

"Touring through Europe, we noticed that people would bring in containers and they would have them filled at their local wine shop or at different wineries, so I thought well, why can't we do this here?"

Daven Lore's reusable bottle program has grown 30 percent since last year and they see more people coming in to buy bottles everyday.