Critically Injured Man in Officer-involved Shooting Identified

Critically Injured Man in Officer-involved Shooting Identified
YAKIMA -- Police identified the man critically injured in Wednesday night's officer-involved shooting.

Investigators say Lance Nanamkin, 30, led officers on a high speed chase and then shot at them with an assault rifle. The known gang member has a past. Back in 2001, he was charged in a gang shooting that killed two people.

KIMA was there when he led police on a chance that ended near First and "E" Street. That's when he started shooting at officers and police fired back hitting Nanamkin several times.

"We've had a chance to view the video from our in-car video system from both our cars and the Toppenish car,” said Captain Greg Copeland. “It's pretty clear the officers acted within policy and especially at the point where they were fired upon. They were definitely in the right to return fire and do what they could to stop the threat from Mr. Nanamkin"

No officers were injured. Nanamkin is in critical condition at a Yakima hospital. The officers involved are from agencies all over the valley including Zillah and Toppenish.