Chase Ends in Officer-Involved Shooting

Chase Ends in Officer-Involved Shooting
YAKIMA – Action News was at the scene of an officer involved shooting in Yakima Wednesday night. The suspect fired first at the police with an automatic rifle. He was then struck by officers.

It began in Toppenish. The suspect had at least one warrant, and was spotted in a stolen vehicle. He then raced to the interstate where the State Patrol picked up the chase, right into a downtown Yakima neighborhood.

"I look out my window and I see cop cars going this way and one going that way,” one neighbor said. “The guy flipped a u-turn and went through the Naches median and across the sidewalk. I thought he was headed straight for my house, but in the nick of time, he turned."

Although the area is filled with homes and apartments, no one else was injured. Witnesses also told KIMA the suspect began shooting before his car even stopped.

"He was in the car the whole time,” said Yakima Police Lt. Mike Merryman. “He didn't exit his car. His initial reaction was to fire at officers. We aren't sure which cars or how many of our cars have rounds in them."

Details are still scarce, but KIMA did learn the suspect had at least one gun in the car, an AR 15 assault rifle.

"The outcome when you shoot at an officer is generally not a good one,” Merryman said. “It's too early to get into details, but what we'll do is launch a complete investigation."

That investigation will likely be taken over by another agency.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries.