Economy Down, Yakima Beer Sales Up

Economy Down, Yakima Beer Sales Up »Play Video
YAKIMA -- The old adage has proven to be true. Even when you're broke, people still drink.

Owner of Yakima Craft Brewing Company, Jeff Winn says his business has followed the trend. While large commercial beers are seeing a decrease in sales, craft beer has grown nearly 20 percent in the last few years.

"Our growth has been great. The local component is a huge part of it," Winn says.

Local loyalty is what Winn says keeps his brews flowing.

James St. Pierre is visiting from the Seattle area and says local craft beer is what he came for.

"You know someone's out there in the 100 degree garage brewing it right now," he says. "It's not a mass produced beer, it's local."

Local beer drinkers say its not just a reward at the end of the day. It's a trend towards community, bringing jobs and bringing money into Yakima.

"When you find something you really like and you find that it's locally made, you know you are supporting: local jobs, local material, local businesses. And, that has a big impact on your local community," Winn says.

Jeff says in the next few years, Yakima Craft is focused on growth. For the proud beer drinkers here in Yakima, the craft beer trend is one they plan to follow.