Cadaver Unit Now Looking For Missing Wapato Man

Cadaver Unit Now Looking For Missing Wapato Man
Toppenish -- Crews say the chances they'll find Hansen alive aren't good.

Dave Johnson, Yakina County Sheriffs Office says, "The likelihood that he would have survived these last couple of weeks is highly unlikely."

Bad weather and rough waters make the search a difficult one.
From snow to temperatures in the teens conditions aren't cooperating and investigators still can't figure out how he disappeared.

Dave Johnson says, "We have no explanation why he was last seen here and his car was seen further down the way."

But what they can't see, maybe these guys can smell.

Two teams from the Yakima K-9 Rescue Cadaver team are now joining the investigation.

Teana Robbins, K-9 Unit says, "We're used a lot to rule out areas to go to another are, to go to another area and search."

The dogs started their work earlier today and are the main eyes on the ground.

Investigators hope the smallest piece of evidence could lead them to Hansen.

Teana Robbins says, "Sources small as a band aid with some blood on it, as well as full body length."

Family members are working with investigators and are running their own search.

They say the last time they saw him was after an argument at the river.