Yakima County: Five Fatal Teen Crashes in One Month

Yakima County: Five Fatal Teen Crashes in One Month
YAKIMA COUNTY -- Five teenagers have been killed in car accidents in the last month.

"She would always say hello. She was friendly to everybody."

Alberto Cruz speaks through shock and sadness. One of the most popular students to graduate from Wapato High is dead, the result of a horrific accident.

"It hit everybody hard that somebody so many people liked is now gone."

Hannah Cordova, 18, died in a crash Monday morning. She was traveling northbound on Highway 97, near Lateral A, when a truck slammed into her car. The impact was so hard, her car skidded more than 400 feet. The cause of that crash is still under investigation, but it's the latest in a serious of deadly teen crashes this year.

There have been five in the last month. The first happened on January 21 when a teen lost control of his car after speeding down the Summitview extension. He died at the scene. Two weeks later, a 14-year-old was struck and killed after she tried crossing Highway 97 against traffic. That same night, a roller-over crash killed a 16 year-old in Wapato. This past weekend, there was another deadly crash, this time in Union Gap that left two dead, including a 15-year-old.

Then Monday morning, a fifth crash and a fifth teen killed.

"It's hard... it's hard somebody can go away like that," Cruz says.

Troopers say if there's anything for parents and teens to take away from these tragedies, it's that speeding played a role in most of those crashes.

Hannah Cordova graduated from Wapato High School last year.

She was currently a student and star basketball player at YVCC.