Neighbors Shocked at Murders

Neighbors Shocked at Murders
YAKIMA -- Neighbors were shocked to hear of a triple murder inside a gated community in West Valley.

Deputies found the three dead in a home on Pheasant Crest Drive in the Falcon Ridge gated community, about 15 minutes west of Yakima.

The dead are identified as William Goggin, 61, Pauline Goggin, 60, and William's mother, Elizabeth Goggin, 98.

Deputies got a call Friday morning from a co-worker, asking the Sheriff's Office to check up on the people inside. The co-worker was concerned because one of the people had not shown up to work.

When detectives got there, they found an open door and discovered the body of Elizabeth inside. The bodies of William and Pauline were found in another part of the home.

Detective Stew Graham of the Yakima County Sheriff's Office says one of the people inside was last seen alive on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

"We couldn't hardly believe it, still can't believe it," said one neighbor,
"We live in a gated community, wouldn't you think it would be safe?"

Local police photographed the scene and collected evidence, but called for backup from crime scene response teams in both Spokane and Olympia. The state crime lab also responded.

Autopsies on all three people are planned for Monday.

A suspect in the murders has not been named.