Don't Create a Display for Burglars

Don't Create a Display for Burglars
YAKIMA -- Enticing a crook into your living room. This is the time of year when home burglaries shoot sky-high in Yakima.

For Mitchell Weddle, it's 29 days until Christmas and 29 reasons why he needs to be prepared. In between some holiday cheer, he's shedding some "light" on a pretty serious issue: holiday burglaries. It's something his best friend learned the hard way.

"His house was trashed," Weddle says. "They tore everything up. "What they couldn't get, they broke."

Each holiday season innocent folks are going the way of Weddle's friend. It's why locked doors and windows could be the biggest Christmas gift of all.

While everyone seems to enjoy displaying their Christmas tree, it might not be a good idea to display the gifts that go along with it. The reason is simple: while you're enjoying the view from inside, a crook could be enjoying the view as well.

"It's heart wrenching for anybody to go to a scene of a burglary on Christmas and find kid's gifts stolen," says Sgt. Tim Bardwell, of Yakima Police.

And once unwrapped, do yourself and police a favor: watch where you get rid of gift boxes.

"Take it to a recycling center," Bardwell says.

With 29 days to go, you have 29 reasons to keep crooks out of your home this holiday.