Bikini Barber Shop Comes To Union Gap

Bikini Barber Shop Comes To Union Gap
UNION GAP -- These girls in swimsuits aren't trying to invite you to a local car wash, they want to cut your hair. Bikini Cuts is the latest in bikini-based businesses coming to the Valley.

Owner Sonny Johnson says so far people have been supportive.

"We're getting a lot of good response. A lot of guys are saying, 'Yeah, we need a place for us.' Women always have a place for themselves, spa's, they spoil themselves. Well guys like to be spoiled too."

Candace Newton is the only hair stylist currently working at Bikini Cuts. Her new job took some getting used to.

"I was kind of a little bit nervous about it at first, but then I thought about it. I was like well you know it's a beach theme and I'd probably be wearing the same thing if I were going to the beach or the pool."

And the city says that's why Bikini cuts is not considered an adult business. As long as they're not showing too much skin, they're not breaking any laws.

That's not a good answer for people like Donald Smith. "I say it is (an adult business) How many businesses do you see around here that are family businesses that have girls in bikinis?"

Smith says bikini baristas and bikini barbers are just a start. "Where's this all going to go? How far are we going to back off and say yeah go ahead and do this, go ahead and do that? Where's our morals? Where's our standards?"

Sonny doesn't see the big deal.

"It's 2010, go on with it. It's life."

And life is full of choices. Folks like Donald Smith will just have to choose to get his own hair cut, somewhere else.