Yakima Inmate Death Investigation: All Suspects Behind Bars

Yakima Inmate Death Investigation: All Suspects Behind Bars »Play Video
YAKIMA -- Court records say one jailbird talked of hitting a fellow inmate at least 150-times and helped hold him down with a sheet while others beat him -- it's all said to have happened six weeks ago at the Yakima County Jail.

Damian Long lived for two weeks before his body gave out and now some of his suspected killers made court appearances Friday.

Brandon Zike quietly told his family "I love you" after being charged as a killer in the death of Long.

Jason Roberts and Nathan Parsley are also charged in the fatal beating inside the Yakima county jail last month.

A fourth suspect, Terry Wilson, surrendered hours later and is likely to be arraigned Monday.

"It's good to know that they can't harm anybody else right now," said Dillan Long, Damian's younger brother, who thinks the motive for murder was racism.

"He wasn't scared to basically stand up for himself and his cell mate," Long said.

Court documents say Damian Long told jail officials he was jumped for refusing to share his cell with a roommate, but the Long family claims the dying man told them other inmates wanted him to kick out a Hispanic cellmate for a white one.

The papers also say jail officials recorded calls made by two of the suspects talking about the fight.

Long was originally behind bars for an assault charge of his own.

"Damian was a great human being, he messed up, he did, but what happened to him was not deserving at all," Long's younger brother said.

Prosecutors are also looking at whether a fifth suspect could be involved in Long's death.

Long didn't report the beating himself, and it was hours before he got help.

Long died of internal bleeding. He had a ruptured spleen, collapsed lung and broken ribs.

His death is the first for the Yakima County Jail.