Burn ban lifted for Upper & Lower Yakima Valley

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Improving weather conditions and ventilation prompted the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency to lift the burn ban for the Upper and Lower Yakima Valley.

Here's the statement from the agency:

The Burn Ban for both Upper and Lower Yakima County areas has been REMOVED for all areas in YRCAA’s jurisdiction due to an improvement in ventilation and weather projections.

• Burn Ban stage 2 is lifted today due to the lifting of the low inversion and the projected improvements in ventilation and dispersion conditions today and tomorrow.
• Dispersion and ventilation predictions are currently: poor to fair
• PM2.5 Monitor values are currently Good (Green) in both the Upper and Lower County areas
• No Agricultural Burn allocations will be resumed by contacting the YRCAA office.
• Please note that the Residential Burn Permit period has ended and will not resume until April 15, 2013.