Al Jazeera visits Tri-Cities, not allowed at Hanford

Al Jazeera visits Tri-Cities, not allowed at Hanford »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - KEPR learned a crew from Al Jazeera English, based out of Los Angeles, was in town recently covering leaking tanks at Hanford. The TV network is based out of Qatar and is the sister station to the Arabic language network.

We spoke with Gary Peterson from TRIDEC. He was interviewed by the Al Jazeera reporter who visited. Peterson said he had not seen the completed story but believed it was "balanced." Peterson said the Al Jazeera reporter was surprised he would drink treated water from the Columbia River. Peterson explained he had no fears for his safety from the leaking tanks. He said the Al Jazeera crew shared that they were not given security clearance to access the Hanford site.

Wednesday's visit from Governor Jay Inslee included press representatives from more than 30 news outlets. These included the New York Times, Bloomberg News, CBS, along with every major media outlet in Seattle.

A report on Hanford from 60 Minutes in 2006 has also been given more prominence on the news magazine's website following reports of the leaks.