Hanford Patrol Officers Accused of Theft

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HANFORD - -Cops for the Hanford site were busted for theft. Detectives say thousands of dollars worth of equipment was taken by former members of Hanford patrol.

That's equipment you paid for -- that the officers are accused of stealing.

It's probably the most secure workplace in the state. And yet KEPR is learning about a theft investigation involving three Hanford workers.

They used to be with Hanford patrol -- the group in charge of keeping the site safe. But now they're the ones in trouble.

KEPR asked how what kind of equipment they allegedly took: "They're limited to smaller and easier to carry items such as portable generators and hand-helds," said Benton County Detective Erik Magnuson.

A Mission Support Alliance spokesperson tells KEPR as an employee told them they heard this was happening -- it was immediately handed over to Benton County Sheriff's.

They tell KEPR they take these allegations are serious and are now reviewing security procedures and looking for better ways to account for government property -- that you pay for.

KEPR pulled the court documents -- two files popped up of the three.

38 year old Adam Bowen and 33-year old Dean Badeaux will be arraigned next month for second degree thefts.

KEPR found out both don't work at the Hanford site anymore.

The court documents explained the men would act as lookouts for one another -- loading up the goods and driving off the site.

Items first went missing in the fall of 2009 -- until the start of 2011.

"The success is largely due to Hanford patrol because of their cooperation," said Magnuson.

Work place theft happens all the time but this time detectives say it happened on our high security site by those charged to keep watch over it.

You'll also remember this wasn't the only trouble with employees stealing out at Hanford.

Four workers recently pleaded guilty to racking up personal charges on government credit cards. They'll need to pay much of it back.