Watch: Prosser girl asked to Homecoming at Macklemore concert

Watch: Prosser girl asked to Homecoming at Macklemore concert »Play Video

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The recent Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert in Spokane featured two ladies from our region. An Ephrata senior was invited on stage to ask her Prosser girlfriend to Homecoming.

For McKyna Jacobson, it was a night she'll never forget. Asking her girlfriend to homecoming on a stage set by Macklemore.

His hit titled, "Same Love" is about tolerance for same sex relationships. McKyna and her girlfriend appeared on stage following the song.

"Would you accompany me to my homecoming dance and be the first-ever gay couple to go a Ephrata High School dance?" she asked at the concert.

The cheering seems explosive, the enthusiasm unshakable, the entire night a dream.

"I was really nervous, and I really wanted to tell her because I wanted her to be excited about it, too. But I was also looking forward to surprising her," she said.

McKyna is still reeling from excitement. Her girlfriend is a Prosser High grad now living in Spokane.

McKyna posed the idea of a public dance proposal to Macklemore a month ago, but it didn't go anywhere until her mom e-mailed the group just hours before the show. The artists agreed to help out.

"We're going to give you floor passes and yeah," McKyna said.

To keep the secret from Chelsie, McKyna said they got backstage passes.

"When we were standing backstage, I was just looking out to the crowd. I was like 'oh my gosh, this is really happening,'" McKyna said.

Action News reached out to Ephrata High School. The principal didn't want to be interviewed at first, but told me the school has never had a problem welcoming gay students to school dances.

She issued a statement Friday stating, "We are not concerned if our (host) student brings another female or male student. This is a non-issue in our eyes."

That's the message of equality Macklemore and even McKyna's father are proud to send.

"I support her and her girlfriend 100-percent. This is a great thing. We need to treat people equally."

Support for a platform McKyna and Chelsie hope to model well.

Ephrata's homecoming is Saturday night.

Macklemore has also been vocal about addiction issues. He invited twelve teens who are in recovery to attend the Spokane concert as well.

WATCH: Homecoming invite with Macklemore. (She asks about 6:50 into the video)