Developers plan 4 million dollar high-end shopping center

Developers plan 4 million dollar high-end shopping center »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A new business center is in the works for Yakima. Developers plan to combine a high-end shopping center with office space near the airport.

They want to attract customers on to the west side of town.

When you stop for a bite to eat or need to do a little shopping, you might head to Downtown Yakima or Union Gap.

However, developers of a new shopping center and business complex are looking to change that.

"We'd like to have a nice signature identity on the corner of 24th, say welcome to Yakima," said Jerry Maggard, president of Advanced Real Estate.

Jerry Maggard's company plans to break ground this year on a new upscale complex on Washington and 24th Avenue.

Office suites would anchor the complex with ten stores surrounding them.

Maggard said he is not worried about filling the space.

"We get calls every day from people who want to know what's going to be there, when it's going to be available and what the pricing is," Maggard said.

The developers of this project say they feel confident in its location not only because of its proximity to the airport but because it is a hidden gem.

There is more traffic here at Washington and 24th Avenue than there is at 1st Street and Yakima Avenue.

The problems is traffic does not always translate into business.

Nearby property owner Mitch Cameron has two vacant storefronts.

He said it is hard to find tenants willing to start a business in a new location.

"A lot of people I know out in West Valley don't like to go all the way to Union Gap or downtown," Cameron said.

Other commercial property owners agree it takes time, but the new complex might spark more growth for the area.

"I don't think we've had a negative comment on this since the day we introduced it to the public," Maggard said.

Developers are taking a chance that positive feedback leads to busy stores.

Developers said the project will cost about four and a half million dollars.

Two larger phases could be added if it is successful.