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Yakima County offers amnesty program for unpaid probation bills

Yakima County offers amnesty program for unpaid probation bills

YAKIMA, Wash.  --  Yakima County is trying to make it easier for people who owe money to the court. It's offering an amnesty program hoping to collect millions.

The program through Yakima County Probation Services will waive interest charges if you pay everything you owe.

The county will also cut the collection costs in half. This amnesty offer starts next week and runs through April.

"This is the perfect timing. I mean, if you think about it, it's tax season, people are getting their checks back. If there were a time when someone might have a little extra money where they could take care of some of their debt, this would be it. So hopefully, some people come forward and take advantage of the program," said Yakima County Probation Manager Therese Murphy.

Yakima County says about 9,000 accounts are in collection worth about $11-million . If you're interested in participating, call 1-800-841-5873 or 509-248-1610.

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