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Where do the most sex offenders live?

Where do the most sex offenders live?

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- They are among the most feared ex-cons. Registered sex offenders live among us and the law lets us know where. KIMA dug deeper and learned Yakima County has its fair share compared with the rest of the state.

Loren Mott is a young dad. Fatherhood has taught him to be protective.
"I never let her go down the hall to get a drink of water even by herself," Mott said. "I always have to make sure she's in my sight."

Loren lives in the Cascade Apartments, a place that is home to sex offenders.

"It doesn't really worry me but as far as my daughter is concerned, when I have her over here I always keep my eye on her," he said.

Yakima County sees its share of violence and crime. There's no shortage of registered sex offenders either.

"I know we're one of the worst as far as per capita like meth use and for some STDs so I would imagine as far as sex offenders, we'd probably be the worst in that as well," Mott said. 

But, based on our size, we don't have anywhere near the most dangerous sex offenders as other counties in Washington. KIMA pulled the numbers for level 2 and 3 sex offenders. They are considered the most likely to re-offend. Ferry County has the most with one for 150 people. Skamania is next followed by Grays Harbor. Yakima County is 20th on the list. There is one level 2 or 3 sex offender for every 1,400.

"It does surprise me," Mott said. "That's a lot better than I thought we would be."

King County has the most people in Washington State, but it's 17th on the list. The numbers might be better than some expected, but that won't stop Loren from keeping an eye on his daughter.

You can see the entire list of all 39 counties and find out how to look for sex offenders in your neighborhood here.


TOP 20

1.       Ferry – 1 in 550

2.       Skamania – 1 in 559

3.       Grays Harbor – 1 in 618

4.       Lewis – 1 in 624

5.       Mason – 1 in 732

6.       Okanogan – 1 in 750

7.       Skagit – 1 in 809

8.       Klickitat – 1 in 1067

9.       Kitsap – 1 in 1094

10.   Franklin – 1 in 1129

11.   Stevens – 1 in 1145

12.   Adams – 1 in 1187

13.   Asotin – 1 in 1216

14.   Snohomish – 1 in 1217

15.   Pacific – 1 in 1281

16.   Pend Oreille – 1 in 1298

17.   King – 1 in 1324

18.   Clallam – 1 in 1355

19.   Spokane – 1 in 1391

20.   Yakima – 1 in 1403

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