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Two victims dead in Rimrock Lake drowning

Two victims dead in Rimrock Lake drowning
NACHES, Wash. -- A tragic event happened around noon today to the south side of Rim Rock Lake. The Yakima County Sheriff's Office was called on a possible drowning and that there were two victims.

Lea Long and Leo Rayez expected their camping trip along Rimrock Lake to be peaceful. But that all changed when they pulled together to try and save two lives. The lives of a 29 year old female and unidentified teenage boy.

Leo Rayez a rescue member and local camper told KIMA "the current quickly pulled them out further than where they were at."

The female is expected to be Lupita Alverez who was visiting the area with her family. She noticed a 14-year-old boy struggling in the water and jumped in after him, in a heroic attempt to save him. Little did she know the current was strong.

Her father witnessed the event and followed her action by jumping in to try and save his daughter and the teenage boy.

"He says if the boat hadn't shown up and thrown him a line he would of drowned", Leo told KIMA.

Lupita's father was only able to get his daughter on the boat. When he returned to help the young man, he was nowhere in sight.

"Kept telling me that the boy was still in the water and that you know he was hoping that his daughter would be okay", Said Leo.

Leo was one of the members on the crew who attempted to save Lupita. He performed chest compressions on the boat alongside her father. Leo switched with other nurses and safety workers on scene every two minutes so they wouldn't tire.

When emergency response finally arrived to the scene they asked the woman's father for her birthday and age. He was in such a state of panic he couldn't provide that information. He didn't even know his street address; all he knew was his name and phone number.

"He just kept telling her Lupita wake up", said a rescue member and local camper Lea Long.

The resuscitation efforts from Naches fire and rescue and local ambulance personnel were unsucsessful, and she passed away on the scene.

"It breaks your heart just to see her like that. It was just really emotional for everybody out there", Lea told KIMA.

Yakima County Deputies have recovered the boy's body but have yet to release his name.

The victims were not related to each other and they were not acquainted to this incident beforehand.

It is known that Lupita has left behind three young children between the ages of one to five. Her mother moved the children at the time of the incident as her father hopped in the lake to save both lives.
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