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Trash piles along 82 might be there for a while

Trash piles along 82 might be there for a while
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Roadside garbage is nothing new. However KIMA heard your concerns about trash piling up along Interstate 82, especially near Union Gap.

It didn't take long for me to find the piles made up of giant plastic bags, cans and other trash.

Neighbors have mixed opinions about the garbage.

"I have a garbage bag in my truck, actually,” Kayla Ramond said. “I don't throw garbage on the ground and when I come get gas I throw it away in the garbage."

"I don't notice it that bad along the highways, where I do notice it is on my road,” Iva Doshier-Hodges said.

"I think it just means that people don't care,” Christian Stevens said. “They don't care about themselves; they don't care about the world around them."

It turns out these piles might continue to grow. The department of corrections tells me they don't have crews out cleaning right now. The position that oversees the work crews is currently vacant.

The Department of Transportation says it does have cleaning crews; however their hands are tied right now. During winter months, their first priority is keeping roads safe and clear.

The Department of Corrections isn't sure when they'll get crews out again. One neighbor suggests with the weather warming, more inmates should help clean the garbage up.

"They're not doing anything anyways, all they're doing is sitting in jail,” Christian said.

For now, the trash still sits on the side of the road.
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