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Say goodbye to Russillo's & Track 29 shops

Say goodbye to Russillo's & Track 29 shops
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Track 29 shopping center is a unique destination in downtown Yakima and now its days are numbered.

The shops have certainly seen better days. However, Steven Woffard is a customer who says he still comes from Selah for the good food.

"It's not like the chain restaurants that most places have around here,” Steven said.

Steven used to visit the Mexican restaurant at Track 29, but it recently closed. But he's still a customer at Russillo's restaurant-- known for brick oven pizza.

The Italian joint and all the other businesses at Track 29 will soon be forced to close shop. The property is in bankruptcy. The trustee ordered everyone off the property by the end of May.

Russillo's manager says it doesn't seem fair.

“We've put a lot of time, sweat, money into these to be told out of nowhere that we need to just pack up and leave,” Curry Cates said. “People know we're here and it's our home and we don't want to leave."

The well-known restaurant is the anchor of Track 29. Curry says the business has been fighting to keep the place open.

"In the ideal world I'd like to see it saved, see it refurbished,” Curry said. “It wouldn't take much to refurbish this and bring it back out again."

Many people commented on KIMA's Facebook page, saying Track 29 is Yakima landmark that should remain open downtown. But, there are some that say it has too many vacant storefronts and it's deteriorating and becoming an eyesore.

Yakima says there's nothing it can do to stop the private transaction. The bankruptcy trustee says the owner is in $15 to $20 million in debt.
The property can be sold or put to auction.

"It seems like that happens so much here in this town that these great places are just going under” Steven said.

Russillo's say its lease allow the business to stay there until 2014.

However the bankruptcy trustee tells KIMA any business not by next month will pay for eviction costs.
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