Hillsboro vote brings bad news for Bears fans

Hillsboro vote brings bad news for Bears fans
Yakima Bears mascot.
HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The Yakima Bears will be packing their bags and heading south of the border to a new home.

The decision to approve a deal for the Bears came late Tuesday night from the Hillsboro City Council.

It sets the stage for the Bears to play in Oregon for the 2013 season.

Some of the details sill need to be worked out, but Hillsboro and the
Bears are looking at a 20-year agreement that includes spending $15 million for a new ballpark with 4,500 seats.

The stadium deal needs additional approval from Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball and the Northwest League by June 29th.

The Bears would have to pay $150,000 to Hillsboro if the deal falls apart.

It's no secret the Bears wanted a new stadium to stay here in Yakima. It's also no secret Yakima doesn't have the money to spend on the team that had the worst attendance in the Northwest League for the last seven years.

Hillsboro plans to finance its stadium on its own through public bonds. That kind of momentum never seemed to have the support from local government here in Yakima.

According to terms f the lease agreement, the Bears would pay $150,000 a year to rent the facility in Hillsboro. The payment would increase by 3 percent a year.

The Bears current lease at Yakima County Stadium expires after the 2015 season. It would be up to the team to buyout of the existing agreement.