Highway 24 in Yakima getting a closer look for dangerous driving

Highway 24 in Yakima getting a closer look for dangerous driving »Play Video
YAKIMA -- You contacted us concerned about a dangerous strip of Highway 24 in Yakima. Where drivers are going too fast, cutting people off and coming close to crashing every day.

Action News took your concerns to the Washington State Patrol and found help could come by the end of the year.

Aggressive driving happens every day on Highway 24. It only took us a few seconds to spot someone. The strip of Highway 24 just off the Nob Hill exit in Yakima has become brutal. Drivers come over the bridge at high speeds and then scramble to squeeze into one lane.

"It definitely comes up fast you have to make a quick decision on what you are going to do either cut somebody off or slow down," said Jonathan Mullen

Mullen has been cut off once or twice, but he can consider himself lucky.

Over the last six years there have been 20 crashes resulting in serious injuries along there. Three ended in death. Troopers say those crashes were caused by people going faster than the posted 55 mile an hour speed limit.

"I've stopped a few people out there each time I'm out there," said Trooper Patrick Lockwood.

Dangerous driving is obviously a problem here, but what can be done about it?

"I think probably signing it better: right lane must turn right."

Right now, there is a sign letting drivers know what's ahead. KIMA asked WSP if there's a plan to take any action.

Troopers said they've been getting complaints about the area and because of those complaints the strip of Highway 24 in now being evaluated to see if it passes as a "problem area." If so, troopers would focus more patrols there to eventually get drivers to slow down.

A decision will be made in a couple of weeks. KIMA will follow up.