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Health declining in Yakima County

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- A check-up on Yakima County found we're unhealthy and we're only getting worse. In just two years Yakima fell to be one of the unhealthiest counties in the state.

"We've been walking since May of last year," said David Clarish. "We've put over 800 miles in this park alone."

It's a free way to work on their health but not everyone is following in step. Yakima County is the fifth most unhealthy county in the state. What's even more scary is that we were tenth just a year earlier.

Yakima County Public Health blames some of our health issues on our low-ranking social and economic status. Experts say when parents struggle their kids struggle.

"It's just motivation," Clarish said.

"Video games, drugs, alcohol," said Jordan Warren who walks at Yakima Parks.

KIMA wanted to know what Yakima can do to turn this around. While our access to recreational facilities has fallen, I found Yakima has plenty of inexpensive activities to get you moving.

The city of Yakima has 21 parks. You can walk the grounds or go for a job.
"They're easily accessible no matter where they live," said Ken Wilkinson, the director of Yakima Parks and Recreation.

Many Yakima parks have free courts and fields. Disc golf is free. It's only $2 to get into Lions Pool during the summer. On certain days, golfing at Fisher Park is only $7.

The YMCA offers body composition analysis for less than $20. It's a baseline to get you started and get our unhealthy habits turned around.


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