Exclusive: Family speaks out about boys getting run over

Exclusive: Family speaks out about boys getting run over »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The family of the two boys run over by a car waiting for the school bus early Monday speak out for the first time.

Chris Sanchez remains in critical condition in Seattle, but there has been progress. He is off a ventilator and breathing on his own. His older brother, Israel, is at home recovering.

KIMA spoke with Israel and his family about the ordeal and they say they are just grateful the boys are alive.

"He didn't even stop or honk. He just kept going," said 11-year-old Israel Sanchez, one of the two boys run over.

It's a day he and his family will never forget. Israel and his younger brother Chris run over by a car on their way to school. Police say Chris was dragged 80 feet and, it took a car jack to pry him loose.

"People don't know how painful it was to see my baby under the car. It was like a movie scene. I saw my kid under the car, the tire across his neck. In that precise moment, I wanted to trade my life for my son. I felt too much pain," said their father, Alberto Sanchez

"He looked like he was gone, you know. And Israel was standing there shocked. He didn't say anything. He just stood there scared," said their sister Sherry Sanchez.

Israel is in bed recovering from broken ribs and visible scuff marks to his face and arm. Chris remains in Seattle and is being treated for head trauma, broken legs and broken ribs.

"You hear people getting hit by a car. That would've been easier to have dealt with because maybe they would've gotten one broken rib that's it. But to hear that, he dragged them under his car 80 feet," said Sherry.

Israel says it’s painful to walk, but he's more concerned about his little brother. He also says he replays the incident in his head.

"Why did you hit us and how come you didn't honk or stop or pull over? He should have known better," said Israel.

Driver Benjamin McKenzie is charged with vehicular assault. Police say he was high on methamphetamine at the time. His bail is set at half a million dollars.

There will be a fundraiser at El Porton on 48th Avenue Thursday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. to help raise money for the family. If you would like to give to them directly, you can go to Banner Bank and ask to make a donation to Israel and Chris Sanchez.