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Documents: Man arrested for murder was wearing victim's shoes

Documents: Man arrested for murder was wearing victim's shoes

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- A man found dead in a trunk just days after becoming a father. Deputies think a couple is behind the murder. They showed their faces in court today as the family of the victim sat watching. KIMA worked to learn what's behind the murder of Alberto Martinez.

The family of Alberto Martinez wasn't going to sit there quietly. They lost the 23-year-old just last week.

"It was very hard, very painful, we just felt nervous and it was a strong feeling we can't explain," said Martinez' sister-in-law.

They saw scrapes on the suspect's arm, wondering if those were made when Martinez was killed.

"I want justice to be done for my son's death," said Theresa Martinez, Alberto's mother.

The body of the young father was found Friday Night in the trunk of a car on Yakama Nation Land. He'd been shot multiple times in the head.

"It's just so painful to know how they took his life away and that's all I can think of," Alberto's sister-in-law said.

Court documents suggest Martinez only met his killer a couple weeks ago. The family said they met in a store and that he planned to meet Guillermina Sanchez-Cardenas on Friday even though he thought it was a set-up. His wife had just given birth the day before.

"I want them to get all the murderers because he left three children. My son was a really good father," Theresa said.

Court papers also said Sanchez-Cardenas's boyfriend was enraged when he found out she was talking to another man. She and Elliott White admit being at the site where the body was found -- but say they had nothing to do with the killing. It's suspicious to everyone considering the dead man was missing his shoes -- and White was found wearing them.

"We want justice to be done for his death because the death he was given was too cruel. He didn't deserve this death," Theresa said.

The death that leaves three children without a father and deputies still searching for a reason.

Both suspects appeared in court Monday afternoon. A judge set bail at $1 million each. They also can't have any contact with each other.

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