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Man dies after crash on Track Road

Man dies after crash on Track Road
UPDATE--- 69-year-old Antonio Carmona-Vazquez has died, according to Yakima County Coroner Jack Hawkins.


YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- North Track Road in Wapato is one of the most dangerous in Yakima County. The latest reminder is last night's accident that ended with a car underwater. Construction to make North Track Road safer is being done, just not in time to prevent this.

"It's always been a dangerous road," said Adrian Carranza, who lives on Track Road. Always accidents occur down this road."

Accidents like the one Thursday night when a 69-year-old driver ran through the guard rail and wound up underwater don't surprise him.

"I've seen one the end of last year and two this year," Carranza said.

Yakima County is well aware of it too. There were 18 accidents on Track Road last year. One of them was fatal. There have been four accidents so far this year. Work is being done here to try to make it safer. Construction began three weeks ago on the one-point-two mile stretch.

The gravel will be replaced by pavement. The road wider and and painted. Longer guard rails will also be added at the bridge.

"To me, hopefully it makes the roads a lot safer, but if not then it was just a waste of time," Carranza said.

Crews say it will take three more weeks to finish the work. A case of bad timing that might have been able to keep this from happening.

The project on North Track Road will cost almost $700,000.
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