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Mold forces Union Gap out of yet another city hall building

Mold forces Union Gap out of yet another city hall building
UNION GAP, Wash. -- It's the latest chapter in Union Gap's city hall saga. Dangerous mold was found in the temporary modular unit that was set to be installed on city property in the coming weeks.

Now the city will have to re-bid on a new modular unit.

The original city hall suddenly shut down last year because of dangerous mold. Its offices and employees forced to relocate at various spots across town.

Folks around Union Gap wonder if the city's luck can get any worse.
"It's just really unfortunate that happened to the building. That's just terrible,” one Union Gap shopper said.

“They're having problems after problems and I don't know where there's the end to it,” said a Union Gap taxpayer.

City Manager, Chris Jensen, said it was a shock to him as well.
"Not thinking so much ‘why us,’ it was thinking ‘how can this happen again,’” Jensen said.

When the mold was found in city hall last year, the offices had to evacuate immediately. City employees relocated to three separate buildings on Ahtanum Road. Workers and neighbors had to cross the busy street to get to some of the offices.

The municipal court relocated several city blocks away to Washington Avenue.

Some folks say they still haven't figured out where all the city buildings are.

The temporary used modular was going to cost $420,000. However, city officials say they don't want to invest in another used unit that might have problems. Instead, Union Gap will buy a new modular unit that will cost $70,000 more.

"It's disheartening. It's sad,” Jensen said. “But the city is going to prevail in the end of this and we're going to end up with a good-cost building and it's going to be good for the city."

The city hopes to have the new temporary unit up by August.
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