Cock fight draws more than a thousand to watch

Cock fight draws more than a thousand to watch »Play Video
ZILLAH, Wash. -- Authorities are calling it a shocking act of animal cruelty. Around midnight Saturday, deputies busted a giant cock fight in the middle of Zillah. There were more than a thousand people at that fight and authorities found everything from guns to cash.

It was a large number of cars at an orchard that sparked the interest of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office. When deputies moved in, they came across a shocking scene.

More than a thousand people huddled together watching roosters fight to the death.

"That really never happens here in Zillah,” said Sean Camarata. “That's what we were talking about last night. You know, you never thought that would ever happen in a million years."

Sean Camarata lives down the street from the site of the cock fight. He was sitting in his back yard at the time of the incident and said he's never seen anything quite like it.

All of a sudden, dozens of people started running through his property. He thought they wanted to steal things from his house, but it turns out they were running away from authorities.

"The scary thing was they all came onto our property and were running all over the place trying to find places to hide," said Sean.

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office told KIMA it's rare that rooster fight cases get reported. But they happen quite often; most of the time in secluded areas like orchards.

Neighbors said they saw around 15 to 20 roosters cackling and flying around their neighborhood on Sunday morning. One rooster landed on their fence and they found there was blood on its feet.

Deputies said the ranch foreman was the promoter of this event. He was taken into custody and put into the Yakima County Jail.

Another neighbor, Kent Comer said when he went to check out the scene, he saw blood by the shed.

"It was extremely crazy,” said Kent. “I don't know how they fit in that shed they got back there."

"They get cuts and scrapes and you know, can die, bleed out,” said Sean. “It's just not a good thing. I just feel sorry for the chickens."

With innocent animals forced to fight for their lives, neighbors were shocked something like this would happen so close to their homes.

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said the owner of the property has been notified about this case.