East Valley Teacher Found Not Guilty In Student Sex Trial

East Valley Teacher Found Not Guilty In Student Sex Trial
YAKIMA -- Michele Taylor felt justified after the verdict was read.

"I'm not at fault here. I made some poor judgment calls for sure, but the allegations are completely false," she told Action News just minutes after a jury found her not guilty in a case full of accusations, and apparently short on proof.

"The whole time I knew that Ulvar Klein was about as good as you can get, so I put my faith in him and he did an outstanding job. Deep down the whole time I knew the truth would come out," Taylor said.

The rumors starting flying last spring, after two high school students claimed to have had an inappropriate relationship with Taylor. One even said he'd had sex with Taylor in a K-Mart parking lot. The trial was pushed a number of times, but finally, after more than a week of testimony, it took the jury less than two hours to come back with a verdict.

"It's been one full year of not being able to defend myself so it's really hard just to sit and hear all the things that are out there about me and not be able to stand up and tell the truth."

But Taylor did take the stand, trying to tell her side of the story. And by her side through the whole process has been her husband Kevin.

"It's been hard being silent. I know what the truth is. We've stuck side by side through this whole thing along with family and friends."

And after a year of painful silence, the Taylor family leave with a verdict justifying what they'd been trying to say all along.