Yakima Police Chief Cleared of Sexual Harassment Charges

Yakima Police Chief Cleared of Sexual Harassment Charges »Play Video
Police Officer Stacy Andrews filed a sexual harassment complaint and a $3 million lawsuit against him. But the investigation is now over. And there will be no money going to Officer Andrews. "The investigation did not find that there was evidence or substantial grounds to constitute violation of city policy for sexual harassment or hostile working environment or the retaliation claim. Those were not substantiated," says Dick Zais, Yakima City Manager.

I spoke with Chief Granato by phone and he faxed over a five page statement detailing some of the accusations made by Andrews and her husband. In one, he says Andrews claims he invited officers to stay at his house after parties. Granato says that happened just once, with another chief who lived out of town. He says "as a responsible social host I have in the past invited a guest to stay at my home if they did not have a safe way to get to their home, especially if they had to travel to another city." The investigator found there was some fraternization -- but no harassment. City Manager Dick Zais says Officer Andrews and her attorney have filed a damages claim against the city, and that is still moving forward at this time.