Bond Asks Voters for New Prosser High

Bond Asks Voters for New Prosser High
PROSSER - The city of Prosser is a century old town built on tradition. But now it could be out with the old, in with the new.

The Prosser School District wants to build a new high school just north of the football stadium.

The original Prosser High School was built to hold 400-500 kids maximum, but they have twice that many today.

"It's always crowded hard to get through at lunch and classes," said one student.

"It is very small. For this century, we need things like labs and technology to be competitive we don't have that here," said Prosser Superintendent Dr. Ray Tolcacher.

Like anything these days it could all come down to dollars and cents. The school board just approved the financing and the price tag is $67 million.That means for a home $100,000 you'll pay $355 a year.

The old Prosser High will stick around. Part of it will be school district offices and part will be a community college. CBC would bring a satellite campus to Prosser.

"I think that's a good idea, more higher education to Prosser, Ii like that," said a student.

In 2005, a similar bond failed, so the district went back to the table. They say, there was talk of rebuilding on the old site but size would still be a problem.

"Any bond or levy is an uphill battle but the need is not going to go away. Every year we put it off the price goes up and up," said Tolcacher.

The bond will be on the ballot March 2009.