Homicide on "D" Street

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Yesenia Haro was found in her apartment on North 8th and D Street. Police responded to a call late Wednesday afternoon, only to find they were too late to save the 18 year old girl. She had suffered at least one gunshot wound.

Ashlee Cerrillo, a neighbor of the victim told Action News "Her mom was trying to get a hold of her last night and she wasn't answering her cellphone- so they came over this morning, and found her in her bathroom."

Haro's legs were reportedly already purple by then, indicating she had been dead for a while.

Cerrillo explains, "Her little sister came out of her house screaming and said that she was dying so my mom went to check. They were pretty sure she had been dead for a few hours. Her body has been dead and everything."

Authorities tell Action News that Yesenia was a victim of domestic violence on a daily basis. Neighbors relate they had to help her on numerous occasions.

This marks the 8th homicide of 2008. Haro's boyfriend Jose Ayala is currently missing. Police say he's a primary suspect in the murder.