Community Members Hold Flag Dedication for Soldier

Community Members Hold Flag Dedication for Soldier
KENNEWICK-- The story of a local soldier's landscape fight received national attention, after his subdivision owner threatened to sue while he was away on active duty.

Volunteers helped make the house a home by planting sod and landscaping the property. They gathered donations, including a motorized lawnmower, and will help maintain the grounds while the family is away.

They put the finishing touches on the two-week project Sunday, and had a flag pole dedication in Lt. Burke Jensen's front yard. Some of the volunteers left their mark by imprinting their hand prints and signing their names in flag pole's concrete base.

Jensen was deployed to Kuwait and his wife is spending time with her family on the east coast.

"It's just a no-brainer, to come out and help when they need our service, because the sacrifices they make are so much greater than any we make here," said Timothy Montgomery, who organized the project.

Jensen's friends said he was touched when he heard the news from the Middle East.