West Valley takes action to stop fights posted on YouTube

West Valley takes action to stop fights posted on YouTube »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- YouTube videos of West Valley students fighting haven't stopped.

KIMA told you how we got the last channel taken down. When the videos continued, the school board took action and started punishing the kids.

Rebecca Zellner lives in West Valley. She's a mother of five.

Ever since the so-called "Creek Fights" surfaced online last month, Rebecca says she's noticed a difference within the schools.

The fights showed students beating each other for minutes, while crowds stood around recording and calling for more.

"They have a patrol person or a security officer down by the creek where everything has happened," Zellner said.

KIMA's coverage of the fights resulted in YouTube taking the entire channel down, but the videos continued.

Now the West Valley School District has stepped in.

"We do make contact with the students and we try to talk to them about that," said Bill Oppliger, West Valley High School principal.

Oppliger said four students were suspended for recording a staged on-campus fight.

"They call them body blows, so they do body blows for seconds so that did happen, but it's just horseplay that kids filmed," he said.

Oppliger believes horseplay is different than what we saw in the creek fights which is the type of violence they are trying to prevent.

"The off-campus are actually knock down drag out fights," he said.  

Students are still Tweeting about recent fights - some of which turned bloody. Another tweet claimed one of the secret fights took place in a church.               

The West Valley School District had the new videos removed. 

"Before it was just, they were letting it go," Zellner said.

The videos were public, so students could face legal action but no charges have been filed.

The school district said the suspensions of four students for fighting have stopped more violence on campus so far.

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