Judge gives Yakima prosecutor probation, no jail time

Judge gives Yakima prosecutor probation, no jail time »Play Video
YAKIMA -- Yakima County Prosecutor Jim Hagarty won't do any jail time connected to his DUI arrest last month.

Hagarty pleaded guilty in court Monday to a lesser charge of reckless driving.

Troopers arrested Hagarty for suspicion of DUI after he rear-ended a car on Route 283 in Selah.

The judge sentenced Hagarty to 364 days of probation.

He will also be required to perform 24 hours of court-approved community service by March.

Many people spoke out on Facebook after hearing the plea. They question whether there was special treatment.

One comment reads, "if it was someone else in court, they would be in jail already."

So, Action News wanted to see if that was true and by asking an attorney who has nothing to do with the Hagarty case.

"That's just not accurate," Richard Gilliland, a DUI attorney outside the case said. "He's getting the same deal basically everyone else has. It would even be possible under the circumstances to get negligent driving in the first degree which is an amendment down from reckless driving."

Even the judge agreed by saying, "This is standard for a first-time offender."

Hagarty will have to pay restitution to the victim as well as a standard $500 fine.

His license will be suspended for 30 days and he's required to complete 24 hours of community service.

Like it or not, it's an outcome that attorneys in and outside of the case say is fair.

Hagarty's probation could be reduced if he completes all of his requirements.

The judge urged Hagarty to talk about his experience and use his status as a way to keep others from drinking and driving.

Action News tried to get a comment directly from Jim Hagarty, but he would only comment through his lawyer.