Hundreds Of Jobs Cut From YVCC's Work-Study Program

Hundreds Of Jobs Cut From YVCC's Work-Study Program
YAKIMA - State cuts in education trickled down to Yakima Valley Community College's work-study program, eliminating hundreds of jobs on campus.

The program is designed to give students a chance to work, not only around class-schedules, but in areas that tie into their major.

After looking for jobs off-campus with no luck, YVCC freshman Kevin Kiser was banking on work-study.

"When I asked to do work-study this year, I was told that unless you could be such as a supervisor, work-study was pretty much non-existent," said Kiser.

Kevin is far from being the only student who's coming up empty-handed.

Action News spoke with other students who say, they too, were told that work-study is out of the question.

Work-study funding was cut by 2/3rds.

Typically there are roughly 300-jobs available to students; now there's barely 100.

"They told me there's no more money for any students," said YVCC student Xochitl Flores.

"We have done everything we can do to try and at least meet the needs with the funding we have," said YVCC Dean of Student Services Leslie Blackaby. "But it's heartbreaking to see this reduction in the work-study."

Cuts couldn't come at a worst time for YVCC.

I'm told that a record number of students are seeking financial aid from the feds as well.

Nearly 4,500-students applied for the money this upcoming year, and by the time of the deadline, that number is expected to hit 6,000.

For now, students looking for help paying for college, may need to look for a job off-campus.

"If I can't get a job at the college I'm studying at," said Kiles. "Then what can I expect after I graduate?

He can likely expect a continued challenge in this down economy.

Action News also spoke to the bookstore manager on campus and he says there used to be six-student workers.

Now he's only allowed at most two, which has left him short-staffed.